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Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Written By: The Hornet - Aug• 06•13

On Cloudrunner Women Tibetan Red Limelight-22013 is proving to be a year full of cinematic super-heroism.  From Ironman to Superman, enjoying these movies always provides the inspiration for me to run faster and accomplish more on the running path.   Sure, we all wish we could leap tall buildings in a single bound or vanquish the countless villains in our lives.  But the closest most of us will come is pushing our bodies to the limit in a speed or distance workout.  That’s where the new Cloudrunners from On come into play.  It’s no secret that I am a fan of these shoes and with good cause.  Whenever I lace them up to escape to that place where I have a giant “S” on my chest, I find my feet hitting the ground in perfect rhythm with a substantial increase in traction and this inevitably leads to a boost in speed.  This is no gimmicky false technology used on a single model as many of the large running shoe companies push every year.  It’s real technology used in all of On’s shoes with research to back up their claims.  The Cloudrunners will be the Robin to your Batman when you fight the evil forces of extreme weather and exhaustion.  And it’s not just for men.  Wonder Woman has already informed me of her improved quickness and agility with the lady Cloudrunners (pictured above) as well as the fashionable match with her golden lasso.

In the last article I wrote about the previous model, some readers insisted that I was not as in depth as I could have been in my technical assessment.  Below I have included documents detailing the mechanics as well as a “tips sheet” from the co-founder and developer, Olivier  Bernhard.

I cannot get enough of these shoes and implore you to give them a try, because isn’t it time for you to emerge as the lightning fast, caped crusader of your neighborhood?

On Cloudrunner Specs 2013

Tips for On test pilots


How does On’s patented CloudTec® system work?

The human body has been made to run barefoot. Not on hard surfaces, though. That’s why On’s patented CloudTec® system anticipates what human foot evolution has not yet achieved since streets were invented.

The On sole features a number of three-dimensional elements or “Clouds” made of highly flexible tubular pieces of rubberOn Cloudrunner Men Anthracite Methyl-2. With this radically new design, the sole absorbs both vertical and horizontal forces to ensure a soft landing. Once the foot is on the ground, the Clouds lock firm, providing a solid foundation for a powerful push-off. The On shoe thus combines what conventional running shoes have so far failed to unite: a cushioned landing and a barefoot takeoff. It’s like stepping down on sand and pushing off on a running track!

On wearers experience a light and fast run and enjoy all the positives of natural running without any compromise in comfort and speed. The Clouds act like small stability balls, responding to every movement of the foot. Athletes and their coaches report increased muscle activation, reduced risk of injury and shortened recovery times.

There’s scientific evidence, too: independent studies by Zurich’s reputed Federal Institute of Technology have shown that On’s patented CloudTec® system significantly reduces athletes’ heart rate and lactic acid levels.



Racing, Terrorism and Reality

Written By: The Hornet - Apr• 29•13

Politics and running have crossed paths.  The past couple weeks I have seen articles from runners and posts on Facebook wondering, “Why us?  Why the Boston Marathon?”  Maybe I just read the news too much, but the answer seems clear.

Security measures are at an all time high in this country’s history and large races provide a soft target that can be easily exploited.  There are literally thousands of gym bags and backpacks in one area at the same time and it is impossible to put effective security measures in place.  Why wouldn’t Muslim terrorists want to strike at an event such as a marathon?  People from all parts of the country (and sometimes the world) come together to participate in a sport that accentuates our similarities rather than our differences.  Runners and spectators are old and young, conservative and liberal, black and white, etc..  A brief celebration where we can all leave any controversy miles behind us and support one another in a common goal.  This is everything a Muslim terrorist hates.

What are some solutions?  I am running in the Wisconsin Marathon/Half Marathon next weekend and their website states that security will be increased, but gives no specific details.  I’m okay with that.  Another reasonable idea that was thrown around by the sports media was to have large marathons finish inside a local stadium where the flow of spectators can be regulated and searched before entry.  I’m alright with that as well.  In most cases it’s private property and you must go through similar security screening to see a football game.  What I am not okay with are the knee jerk reactions that are being implemented.  This morning a friend posted a text message he received from a race he will be competing in this weekend.  (Click to view full size on the left).  Bullet point one states, “Participants are asked not to bring or wear backpacks or duffel bags to the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.  Please be aware that all bags and backpacks will be subject to search by security personnel.”  With this statement I have numerous problems.  Why is this just limited to participants and not spectators?  Seems like a pointless effort when it’s unlikely a Muslim Jihadist is actually running the race.  Second, this is a nearly unenforceable practice given the amount of runners at some events.  Are we now going to sit through intrusive searches and airport style security lines to run a race while the most likely people to commit a crime are in the crowds of fans and exempt from said searches?  Runners have to get there an hour ahead of time as it is.  Everyone reading this can do whatever you decide and I support your freedom to choose, but I speak for myself when I say that I will not give my money to any race that wants to instate some “feel good” security measure that does nothing to keep anyone safe.  What it does do is waste my time, needlessly inconvenience me and stomp all over the 4th amendment of the Constitution.  Let’s be realistic, you cannot police an open-air event that is 26.2 miles long.  To believe you can is about as foolish as thinking Williams-Sonoma removing pressure cookers from local store shelves in the days following the attack was somehow useful.  This is a problem we all better come to terms with instead of implementing some kind of ridiculous policy that will destroy the sport of running.  Attacks will likely happen again and we can only do so much in a free society to maximize our security.  So I suggest we use our heads and choose the best solutions rather than a quick fix illusion of safety that benefits no one.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Benjamin Franklin