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An Open Letter To The State Of Wyoming

Written By: The Hornet - Feb• 18•12

Dear Wyoming,

  What did I ever do to warrant such poor treatment of me and my blog Wyoming?  Adventures In Running has been up and writing since the 12th of January and at least a few people in 49 of the 50 states have read my posts.  Why not you?  Not one cowboy, not one farmer, not one runner.  I’m not saying you have to like what I write but at least hear me out.  Never have these pages contained a foul utterance toward your wide open spaces, beautiful mountains and pristine national parks.  Citizens in China have even read my posts, possibly at the risk of losing their freedom and recently someone in Iran even tuned in.  One day, in your great state, I would like to run Wyoming; but please refrain from walking on me.  I hope in the coming weeks you can see things my way and browse these pages for a while, I’ll be watching.  Literally half the world and 49 states like it here.  Why not you Wyoming?

- Dave

P.S. – I will be posting Chapter 2 titled “Mistakes Were Made” in the story of Melissa on Monday.  I am seriously considering writing a book based on this character and would love to hear your ideas for the title in the comments below.

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