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Beet Test – My Results

Written By: The Hornet - Jun• 29•12

While there are no super foods that can transform an athlete from neighborhood runner to Olympic marathoner, the beet does deliver on a majority of the claims made by the study mentioned in my previous post. The first of three beet tests were conducted in my “lab” known as the St. Jerome’s 10k/5k challenge.  Thirty minutes before the start of the 6.2 mile dash, I opened the bottle and consumed 10 – 12 ounces.  The taste was not as bad as anticipated, but it does deliver an acidic sting on the way down.

Since this was not a genuine scientific study, I can only tell you what I believe to be the results of this test.  There was definitely more spring to my stride for the first three miles and my oxygen intake seemed slightly more relaxed.  Unfortunately, I drank the juice too early before the start or the effects of this terrific tuber are short lived.  Crossing the finish line completed test number one.

Thirty minutes quickly began to tick away as the start of the 5k drew near.  Learning from my previous timing error, I waited fifteen minutes before the start to drink this concoction and chased it with water.  A point of note is that my legs tend to engage in passive resistance after running any race and getting them started again is the real challenge.  In my case it’s better to run 9.3 miles all at once rather than split it up.

Taking my place at the starting line once again, the air horn sounds.  To my surprise, my legs cooperated.  Sure, my 5k pace was the same as my10k, but I didn’t feel as if I were running on glue.  There were no spectacular results to report but I do feel that there was enough energy and fuel to work with for the entire 3.1 miles.

The next morning was the Kade’s Klassic 5k and the most challenging course I have ever faced.  The first half is filled with very steep inclines and descents, so I repeated my beet juice ritual in an attempt resuscitate my legs.  Being sluggish from two races the previous morning, it is difficult to tell if there were any true benefits.  With that said, I did manage to deal with each incline fairly well.

With merely a three race test, it is my opinion that I did reap some benefits from this crimson concoction.  Was it the 16% that was touted by the official research?  No.  A net benefit of 5 – 10% is all I would give this drink, but that is still nothing to sneeze at.  I do recommend trying this for yourself to see if you have the same results.  With another 10 ounces left, I will give it another go and call this pre-race drink “worth it”.  Please come back for my next post in a few days.  It’s a topic that every runner needs to consider.

Run for fun and race to place everyone!


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