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Cowbells – The Bane Of Distance Running

Written By: The Hornet - Feb• 06•12

We have all heard it.  That terrible clanging sound that seems to drown out all other noise as you push toward the finish line.  Commonly used by well meaning spectators in half and full marathons, this auditory annoyance had me wondering, “What is the origin of this obnoxiousness?”  After a little digging around the internet, I learned that in the 1440′s a leading cow or sheep of a drove or flock wore a bell and consequently was understood to “take the first place”.   A few decades later, a cowbell was worn only by the best and leading piece of livestock.  So there you have it, we are being compared to 500 year old prized farm animals.

I try to be tolerant of my fellow man but cowbells are where I draw the line.  Every time I see a “supporter” clanging one of these bovine abominations, the loudness and intensity seem to be in direct proportion to their age.  The older they are, the harder they clang. Run too closely to an 80 year old woman with one of these things and you will most likely not hear ANYTHING for a while. I won’t even start in on the people who clang loudly but still try to cheer over their own bell. Do they really think this is helping us or are they secretly trying to distract us?  It’s up to you to decide, but I simply can not understand why someone would think that making an incredibly loud, annoying noise in my ear is a good thing after a runner has been battling eighteen miles of pavement.  Someone please tell Christopher Walken over there on the sidelines, the last thing ANY race needs is “more cowbell”. (SNL Reference)

I don’t know if all of you saw my post last night but New Balance has an option where you can design your own shoe with many possibilities.  The one you see here is a men’s shoe, believe it or not, that I designed and plan on ordering in the coming weeks.  There is a link on the right sidebar of this page that will take you there.  Happy running everyone!


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