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“Find Your Core Power” – Don’t Miss Out On This Recovery Drink!

Written By: The Hornet - Sep• 17•12

It’s product review day at Adventures In Running and I have been asked to test Core Power – Natural High Protein Energy Shake.  Once again, I must inform you that I am receiving NO compensation for this test.  Only the bottles of product that were delivered to me in order to complete my review. 


When the Core Power arrived at my door, it was shipped in a tube containing the three 11.5 ounce bottles consisting of Strawberry Banana Light, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.  After a run last week, I decided to try the chocolate.  This product boasts that even though it is made with real milk, it does not have to be refrigerated so I figured I would really put it to the test.  It had been sitting in my truck for a few hours on a cool day and was room temperature.  Cautiously I took a sip.  WOW!  I was very impressed.  Most of us have had to choke down dry, tasteless protein bars and get used to the chalkiness of Muscle Milk or similar products that leave you thinking “There’s a party in my mouth but who invited Nick Nolte?”.  Not with Core Power. There was no chalkiness or aftertaste.  If you gave me a choice of ANYTHING (non alcoholic) to drink, I would pick this drink.  It’s THAT good.  In the following days I consumed the Strawberry Banana Light and Vanilla.  They also have the same high quality taste but the chocolate is absolutely my favorite.  The other flavor offered is honey and I look forward to trying that in the future.


Recovery supplements.  We know we need them after a taxing run but many are filled with additives our body requires as well as chemicals we can’t even pronounce.  But each Core Power 11.5 ounce bottle is made up of natural ingredients and is available in 26g and 20g protein versions.  The very first item on the content list is filtered, lowfat milk.  “But Dave, I’m lactose intolerant!”  That’s okay, so am I.  Core Power Protein Shake is lactose-free and still delivers 70% of your daily calcium needs as well as being preservative and gluten-free.    “With all that AND a great taste, it must have loads of calories.”  Surprisingly, it contains only 240 calories per bottle which is far less than many protein bars.  If you choose the 20g version, it weighs in at a manageable 150 calories.


If you don’t trust me, (and you should by now) check out the Core Power Website and the list of athletes mentioned below that endorse this product.  Better yet, you can order directly through

  • Craig “Crowie” Alexander
  • Laura Bennett
  • Tom Danielson
  • Tyler McCandless

Now for the contest details.  I have been instructed that I am allowed to give away one case (12@11.5 ounce bottles) of Core Power Protein Shakes completely FREE!  There are no shipping charges and you get to choose the flavor.  What can be better than that?  “But Dave, how do I get a chance to win?”  It’s easy!  Just sign up in the box in the right sidebar of this page or visit Crazy Dave’s Discount Running Gear and sign up there for this and ALL FUTURE contests.  

  • Winner will be selected by random number generator
  • Contest ends at 11 am CST 10/15/2012
  • Product will be shipped from supplier using USPS Ground
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