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Written By: The Hornet - Jul• 24•12

As you may have noticed, things at Adventures In Running have changed a little.  Lets take a moment to summarize the improvements before I give my “public service announcement”.


  • Home – You will still find the skilled and very opinionated posts from your humble administrator that you have come to love (or hate) so much.
  • Cool Routes – Here is our state of the art route mapping tool.  Try it on full screen, it’s awesome!
  • Training Log –  This is still a basic service for the moment but we are working hard on providing you with a workout log suitable for your efforts.  The pace calculator has already been upgraded and will give you more information than you would ever need to know.
  • racebook – Sick of facebook?  Try racebook!  This is the public wall for all your posts to your friends.  Select your mood and let everyone know what’s on your mind.
  • Forums – A great place to post questions for other members.
  • Groups – Start a group based on any topic or club and invite your friends.
  • Members – A list of all members.  Here you can request friendships and view profiles including personal albums.  I request that when you join, please create an avatar (icon) for yourself.  The computer generated ones are pretty dull.
  • Achievements – Participate and be rewarded!  For the moment they are just cute icons with a point value attached but in the future we will be working to give tangible rewards to participants with high point rankings.
  • Link Exchange – Have a site of your own and want to trade links?  Drop me a line and let’s work out the details.
  • Privacy Policy – Self explanatory.
  • Contact Us – Email me with any questions or concerns. I’m here to please.

All of this is FREE and I look forward to your registration.  Adventures In Running is dedicated to making improvements and providing a positive user experience for all athletes.  What are you waiting for?  Start an account with the widget at the top of the right sidebar today!

Now, on to other important things.  As we run through the summer months, many of us are increasing our long runs for marathon training.  As I run through the trails and along the bike paths I notice that some people are choosing to dispose of their empty gel packs and other wrappers directly on the ground.  I am aware that most of us respect the environment we run in and it can seem trivial sometimes to drop one piece of garbage when we are exhausted in the middle of mile sixteen.  But as the months move toward October, the litter begins to accumulate.  My solution?  I carry a nylon running belt and put my empties in the zipper compartment until I can find a garbage can.  In addition, I try to to pick up a piece or two of the other trash that finds its way into my path.  If you see someone discarding refuse along the trail or road make it a point to grab a piece or two and take it to the trash.  Don’t bother confronting the person that carelessly dropped it because they most likely will be on two wheels and far down the road, if you get my drift. ;-)

In the next couple weeks I will have secured a personal interview with a well known Ex-Olympian.  Any guesses as to who it is?  It’s going to be an article you all will enjoy.  See you next week and don’t forget to register for the new Adventures In Running – RACEBOOK!

Run for fun and race to place everyone!

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