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Theory Of Evolution

Written By: The Hornet - Jan• 27•12

In my observation over the years I have noticed that there are two primary catagories of runners.  There are veterans who started as far back as middle school and continue to “run like the wind”. Some have grown older or had injuries, but they still manage to drag themselves out of bed at 4 a.m. and start down that “all too familiar” route.  If you are one of these people I give you my wholehearted respect.  Then there are the rest of us that comprise the majority.  We have come from places in our lives we are constantly in the process of trying to purge from our self perceptions.  It seems with every step that hits the ground we are leaving a part of us, that we would prefer to forget completely, even farther in the distance.  Some of us had terrible habits while others battled their weight much of their lives.  Mom is trying to regain her fitness level after having children and the awkward kid in high school is older now, but found a sport where he can take pride in his efforts. Even some that have succeeded and become indistinguishable from the lifetime runners.  No matter if you are the aforementioned veteran or the majority I speak of, there is one glaring similarity that can not go unnoticed.  This is character.  You have all found the ability to do the things people said you couldn’t do.  But more importantly, the knowledge that you broke through barriers that you may have thought were unattainable.  The veteran is pushing that extra 10% and feeling like his stomach is going to stage a very embarrassing protest at the finish line.  The newbie has finally abandoned the poor choices and decided to take personal responsibility for his health and appearance. From winner to last place, this  strength becomes incorporated into our very being as we face everyday challenges.  There will always be setbacks and obstacles, but the important thing is that we stay focused and take another step forward. It doesn’t matter where you are on that metaphorical road to a healthier life or trying to be the overall winner of the race, we have all built character in times of weakness through running.  So I say to you all, keep pushing forward, keep focused and keep evolving.

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