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Walking On The Sun

Written By: The Hornet - Mar• 13•12

Hello there sports fans!  My name is Dash Dakota and I’m filling in for the ailing Dave Schlagman.  That is, if he’s really sick and not just playin’ hookie. Ya’ never know with that cat.

First let me give you a little run down on yours truly.  I did plenty of sports writing in the late 50′s when I was just getting my career started.  Most of my work was met with tremendous praise until the sports world started to go all ape and I frosted a few of the higher ups with some comments I made about skirts trying to play baseball.  That’s all in the past so let’s get rolling on some tips for running in the heat.

I did a little nosin’ around to get my information and asked questions of all runners from the super fast hipster to distance running dames.  A word to the wise, be careful when talking to the women.  All I did was ask, “Hey baby, why aren’t you runner gals ever hot?” and I thought she was going to give me a knuckle sandwich right in the chops.  Dames?  Who can figure ‘em, huh?  And wouldn’t ya’ know it? People actually have their little ankle biters getting into the act too.  What’s this world coming to? I just wanted to know how runners stay cool when training in the blistering summer heat and here’s what I found out:

1.) Using a little common sense goes a long way.  Your best bet is to try to run in the early morning hours or later in the evening when the temperatures are not hot enough to fry an egg.

2.) Don’t skimp on the water throughout day because this helps your body prepare it’s cooling systems for the upcoming run.  Fail at this and you might find yourself wiggin’ out with heat stroke, Sam.

3.) It’s always nice to dump some water over your head for the short term cooling effect but only do this if you have extra.  It’s always better to put it in you rather than on you.

4.) Wear a loose fitting lid.  Most of your body heat escapes through your head and while you want to keep your melon covered, you also don’t want to restrict your body’s ability to dissipate the heat.  Also try to wear some light colored, loose fitting threads to reflect the sun.

5.) Keep your pace much slower than normal or you might reach your boiling point way too soon.  Some of the symptoms of heat stroke are:

  • Headache or intense heat buildup in the head.
  • Confusion or lack of concentration.
  • Loss of muscular control.
  • Oversweating followed by clammy skin and cessation of sweating.
  • Hot and cold flashes.
  • Upset stomach, muscle cramps, vomiting, dizziness.

*If you experience any of these symptoms please cease activity immediately and attempt to cool off or request help.

6.) Try to stay away from caffeine and alcohol as these are diuretics and can accelerate dehydration.  It’s a good thing I’m too old to run these days ‘cuz I’m not giving up my scotch and soda before I hit the sack.

7.) A little sun screen may not keep you cool but it may save your life by protecting you from skin cancer and other damage.

8.) Always bring some water with you and don’t rely on fountains along the way.  If they aren’t working or are not in the appropriate places you may find yourself walking through Droughtsville in a heap of trouble.

9.) If there is a large body of water near you, try to run close to it.  The temperature is often a few degrees cooler near lakes. If you don’t live by a body of water try to run where it is more public and there are places that have air conditioning in the event of trouble. 

10.) Throw in the towel if it’s too hot.  Some days are just going to be too dangerous and counterproductive to get a run in.  Adjust your schedule accordingly and pay close attention to the forecast for the next few days.

Follow these tips and you’ll have it made in the shade sister.  But now it’s time for your fill-in corespondent to split the scene and maybe head back out to the pavement to get another word from the bird for my next article.  One last thing fella’s, try not to get distracted by any of those hot tomato’s I saw out there.  Keep your mind on the running or you might find yourself on the business end of a pepper spray keychain. 

I also want to thank Dave for letting me guest post.  He can be a real square sometimes, but the guy’s all heart.

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