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“Rotate This!” or “Why Having Multiple Pairs Of Shoes Is A Good Thing”

Written By: The Hornet - Jun• 06•12

Shoe rotation is something that most of us usually don’t think much about, but is extremely important.  It can help prevent injuries such as shin splints, Achilles tendinitis and calf strains, among other problems.

A majority of running shoes have cushions that will compress and expand while you are putting them through their daily pummeling on the pavement and it takes approximately 48 hours for them to return to normal. This means the cushion springs back into form in order to provide the best comfort during your run and protect you from most overuse injuries.  Try to imagine the soles of your shoes like the shock absorbers on your car.  When driving over rough terrain, the shocks must compress and expand repeatedly.  If said shock compresses and is not allowed to expand before it hits the next pot hole, you will most likely be riding home that day with “Earl” in the tow truck.  Likewise, when you don’t give your shoes enough time to expand after a run, you are slowly, but permanently compressing the cushion that is designed to protect your legs from abuse.  Hopefully you will not require Earl’s services here.

Another benefit to making rotation a standard practice is that you will absolutely get more miles out of any pair of running shoes.  I have tested this myself and it is, without a doubt, a fact.  Since quality footgear carries a price tag of $110 or better, this is something we all should appreciate.  Besides, it’s a good excuse to buy more shoes, right?  

Bob Glover, who is famous for his best-selling, instructional running books says, “Studies show that by alternating two pairs of shoes they’ll last longer than three pairs used consecutively.”  So if you don’t believe me, take it from Mr. Glover.

Now that we all have an excuse to open up a new tab in our browsers for our favorite sporting goods store, we can rest assured that we are saving money on shoes and potential doctor bills.  Unfortunately, people are starting to compare me to Imelda Marcos these days.

Run for fun and race to place everyone!


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